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We have created a team comprising of paediatricians & specialists from
various other disciplines headed by the geneticist. These specialists identify the core problem and help in treating and managing all kinds of hereditary disorders. The team comprises of specialized doctors from various special disciplines like

Special Disciplines

The team comprises of specialized doctors from various special disciplines like.


Development Paediatrics

Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatrics Endocrinology

Paediatrics Rehabilitation

Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatrics Psychiatry

Paediatrics Dermatology

Genetic disorders have a multifactorial inheritance making the treatment complicated and needs attention from various specialists. Based on the condition of the patient, other specialists like paediatric pulmonologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, surgeons will also offer treatments. Apart from the doctors, the team also has highly skilled nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, hearing therapists, dietitians and caregivers attending to the needs of the children/ adults in special needs. Genetic diseases require intensive care &complete follow-up to make them lead a better & safer life.

Geneomm Medical Centre is a special and unique clinic created to treat the children/ adults with Genetic Disorders. The treatment pattern is meticulously planned and executed by the Geneomm team. The genetic consultant evaluates children with special needs with the help of the family to diagnose the birth defects accurately to plan the course of therapies to manage the symptoms to make them lead a happy life.

  • The geneticist gathers elaborate information about the family history through a counselling session to understand the nature of the disorder, the cause of the problem and the risks involved in the genetic disorder being carried out to the next generations.
  • The complete pediatric sub specialty team will take care of the health needs of the children in a systematic manner.
  • This evaluation not only helps in disease management but also gives clarity on how this problem will be transmitted to other generations in the family.
  • Genetic Disorders needs a special kind of approach & treatment to completely study the family history and to identify and communicate the problems to the family and then manage the symptoms. Geneomm Medical Centre is dedicated to the service of the Genetic Disorders from 2013 and the team is specialized & experienced to attend to all the genetic disorders and also the specific needs of the patients.

Prevention is better than cure. Geneomm Medical Centre has experienced geneticist who can help the family by guiding them with adequate information about the existing problem, the diagnostic tests required & the methods of prevention of these disorders in the next pregnancy. Geneomm team is highly specialized in identifying the actual disease by appropriate genetic testing to ensure early identification of the disease in the next pregnancy.

About 10 percent of cancers have a genetic origin. A person with cancer is at risk for a new cancer involving other systems if he/ she has a genetic background. The sibling or their offesprings can have 50 % chance of having cancer predisposition if the affected member has a genetic mutation in genes related to cancer.
At geneomm genetics department, after the complete evaluation of affected family member, risk prediction for other family members and future pregnancies were carried out. If there is a chance of high recurrence risk in next pregnancy, and if the cancer can have a childhood occurrence, early identification and prevention by Chorionic villous sampling / amniocentesis or preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
The geneticist carefully evaluates families with recurrent & rare cancers for the causes of genetic origin of this disease and offers the guidance regarding follow-up. This can give the treating physician a better insight about the diseases like cancer.This also helps in prevention of the same type of cancer in the other family members.

Geneomm has tie-ups with advanced genetic labs. We have national & international collaborations not only with diagnostics but also with research labs. These associations help us offer genetic testing from the most reliable and cost effective lab with faster turn around time.

Fetal Autopsy is another unique specialty of Geneomm. An autopsy of the fetus is needed in circumstances of ambiguity on the cause of death of a fetus/ Newborn or any congenital anomaly found during pregnancy. The anomalous fetus should be subjected to fetal autopsy which can give additional information about any other hidden abnormality in the affected fetus. This can significantly influence the exact diagnosis.
Hence fetal autopsy will be a source of ample information regarding the actual problem of the fetus. The information helps us to identify the exact nature of the disease there by guide the family regarding prevention of the same in next pregnancy.

  • A government-approved genetic counseling/ Echocardiography center
  • Recognized center for evaluation of genetic disorders by India Academy of Medical Genetics
  • Associated with India Academy of Pediatrics & Indian Medical Association
  • Assocaited With Parental Organisations for Genetic Diseases
    • Down Syndrome Association
    • Lysosomal Storage Disorders Support Society (LSDSS)
    • Organisation Of Rare Diseases India (ORDI)
    • SAARATHY-PAMAAC – Parental organization – Coimbatore
  • Conferences for doctors every year
  • Multispeciality camps for genetic disorders every year
  • Awareness activities focusing on the management and prevention of genetic disorders every year
  • Down syndrome day activities every year

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