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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 10am to 9pm
  Contact : 73731-46666


The services provided under GeneOmm genetics department

  • First and foremost is to give empathy and support to these families
  • Evaluation of an index case, confirm a genetic diagnosis by specific genetic investigations
  • Plan treatment – curative or supportive
  • Identifying at-risk family members
  • Risk prediction for the next pregnancy, Devising prevention strategies, Attempting prenatal diagnosis
  • Decide and explain – place of test, nature of sample i.e., chorionic villous sampling or amniocentesis, fetal blood sampling etc., timing of tests and scans, cost of the tests, reliability of the results etc.,
  • Postnatal evaluation and if needed to do tests for the newborn
  • Follow up of the child post-natally

Situations the patients approach GeneOmm genetics department

  • Couples with children having genetic disorder for eg., children with physical disabilities, dysmorphism, developmental problems like autism-ADHD, muscular dystrophy etc.,
  • Genetic problems in parents
  • Parents known carrier for a genetic disorder
  • Family history of genetic problems
  • Anomaly in fetus in case of an ongoing pregnancy, Positive screening test for trisomies, Multiple pregnancy losses
  • Advanced maternal age , Infertility, Teratogen exposure i.e., drugs, radiation or evidence of viral infection.