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Geneomm News and Events – 17th September 2017

GeneOmm medical centre, Coimbatore on its 5th anniversary is stepping into another venture “GENEOMM CANCER GENETIC CLINIC – Prevention, Prognostication and Pharmacogenetics”
The inauguration of Genetic Cancer Clinic followed by 5th anniversary CME on “Molecular Oncology” is to be held on 17 th September 2017 (Sunday) between 10am to 1.15 pm at Hotel.Grand Regent, Coimbatore.
I request you all to take this as a Personal invite and do attend our CME.
Registrations free, kindly call 7373146666 or 9842721844 for registrations.
Whatsapp in 7373156666
Or 9842721844.
I will be extremely grateful if you can spread the message to your contacts and groups.
Please find the invitation that follows.
Thanking you,
Consultant Geneticist, GeneOmm medical centre, Coimbatore‎

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Coimbatore Medical College – Golden Jubilee Celebration & Exhibition – June 2016

We from GeneOmm medical centre have made a model for Coimbatore Medical College Golden Jubilee Exhibition, conducted now @ Coimbatore Medical College.
The fetus will advice to the mother about prevention of birthdefects and genetic disorders….during pregnancy like folic acid, rubella vaccination, down syndrome screening, Genetic consultation, anomaly scans, regular checkups, etc,
Our other displays are about Principles of pediatric rehabilitation, oppurtunities for Children with special needs from the State and central governments and list of authorised special schools in and around coimbatore..
It was very well recieved by everyone.

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