Genetic disorders & birth defects of children or adults

Geneomm Medical Centre is one of a kind clinic formulated on September 16th 2013, with a noble objective to treat the families with genetic disorders&birth defects of children or adults with special needs.Genetic disorders occur due to inherited mutations from the parents or acquired mutations from the other environmental factors that they are exposed to. Genetic disorders are a rare phenomenon and the affected people need special attention & treatment.

Geneomm Medical Centre - Aim

Geneomm Medical Centre intends to offer holistic care to children/adults with special needs. This is achieved by identifying the problem early, nailing the genetic diagnosis, enlisting the problems they face and by strategizing solutions with the help of a team of experts
from various specialties.

Nature of Genetic Disorder

A genetic disorder is a disease caused in whole or in part by a change in the DNA sequence away from the normal sequence. Genetic disorders can be caused by a mutation in one gene, by mutations in multiple genes, by a combination of gene mutations and environmental factors, or by damage to chromosomes. Genetic Disorders can affect health, growth & development of children/ Adults. Also they may involve various systems like the muscles, brain, bones, eyes, heart, kidneys, lungs, hearing, gastrointestinal tract etc.., or may involve multiple organs at once.

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